SHE values the past, yet walks boldly towards the future, in harmony with herself and her choices.

SHE is on the mission to leave her footpath on earth and to make a difference, she seeks to transform her worls and shape it by using her skills and talents. Some may say SHE has an unique, magical touch that bring wonderful things to the surface others have not seen before. SHE loves sophistication and expactations and values best. SHE makes no compromises on quality. Independent and focused, SHE is thriving to creatunity of perfection and beauty in her life.



Maison Marquise aims to create a Beyond Modern Romanticism of the XXI. century : a cosmopolitan and modern world, crossing cultural and geographical borders. The incorporates the rich heritage and beauty of the past times as well as the eternal romantic and free spirit of the Woman.

Maison Marquise collections are created to accompany the confident, modern woman who is at the same time very much true to her sensuality and her romantic core.



The MAISON MARQUISE's clothes are carved to suit the strong and feminine woman, are sensual, yet do not thrive for sexiness. They are feminine, characteristic and perfect in detail, oozing quality and giving You a modern, yet precious, gemlike appearance.